Rodzinka Meeting: September 14-20, 2020

Here is your leader resource for the week of September 14-20. It is ideal to have your Rodzinka meeting over a family meal on Sunday night (September 20th). Be sure to print a Rodzinka plan for every member of the group before the meeting. Download Rodzinka Plan.

Appetizer: Faux Elote (Mexican Street Corn)

Entree: Chicken Tacos

Dessert: Apple Galette

Opening Prayer

Start with an opening prayer. As the leader you can decide which prayer to use.


Begin the meeting. Welcome everyone. The meeting will be split into three parts as you share a meal together.

Before the appetizer round, discuss as a family or group the highs and lows of the week.

Ex. "Ok everyone, let's go over the highs and lows for the week. What are some areas in your life this week where you saw God's blessings and what are some areas that you need prayer for. I will start and we can go around the table to my left."

Give every person some time to discuss some positive aspects of the week that they are thankful for and some areas they would like prayer for. Do not be afraid of silence. If it takes someone a second to answer that is ok. It may feel awkward, but just give some time. Every group is going to look different. Find what works best for your group in order to foster discussion.

Before the entree round you will discuss as a group the five pillars and how they have been going.

Ex. "We are going to look at the five pillars and how we have been able to live them out during this week. This is not a time for judgment, but rather a time to see how we can continue to grow in our relationship with Christ. Let's all go briefly through each pillar and answer these three questions. I will start and we can go around the table to my right."

1. Was I able to do the pillars consistently this week or did I miss them?

2. Was I able to put my all into it when I did a pillar or did I just do it because I was told to or because I knew I needed to get them done? (One of the keys to a Rodzinka group is that this should not be seen as just another set of rules or things to do. If you only do one Our Father during the whole week but it is intentional and honest, that is better than five rosaries that were given no care or thought. It's all about being honest and consistent.)

3. What was your favorite pillar this week and share an experience that brought you closer to God?

Give every member of the group an opportunity to share their progress on each pillar.

Before the dessert round, discuss your plan for next week. This may include changing some of your pillars. You might want to make some a little more difficult or take away some things. Again, it is all about being honest and consistent. Try to cater to whatever can help foster honesty and consistency in every member of your group.

Ex. "Now we are going to start to talk about our group for next week. We may be changing some of our prayers or sacrifice. We should all discuss this together and come up with a plan that will help us all grow in relationship with Christ. Let's go through each pillar one at a time and say if it is too hard, too easy, or should remain. I will begin and we can go around the table to my left."

Make sure everyone has printed out their Rodzinka plan so they can fill in the pillars as you discuss. Download the plan HERE.


End the meeting by asking one of the members to pray. This can be a free form prayer, something from the heart, an Our Father, a Hail Mary, or one of their favorite prayers.


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