Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Rodzinka Ministry was founded to help foster faithful families. Rodzinka means “little family” in Polish, and it is the name that St. John Paul II used for groups who would get together to discuss and live out the faith. We’ve taken that model and applied it to your family. 

The Problem

Despite the best intentions of the Church, excellent DRE's and youth ministers, passionate volunteers, and holy pastors, there seems to exist a disconnect between the Church and the family. Time and again children go through CCD classes, but then the family doesn't attend Mass. More than just an obligation on Sunday, the faith is meant to be lived out in the home so that the family grows closer to Christ together. ​


The Solution

Rodzinka Ministry was founded to help bridge the gap between the parish and the home. We offer podcasts and courses that are not meant to replace the great programs and events at your parish, but can be used as a supplement to help you dive deeper as a family. These interactive episodes can also be used by parishes as the core content for sacramental preparation, RCIA, and much more. 


The Catholic Family Show

The goal is simple; to help families pray, reflect on the scriptures, and learn about the saints. This weekly podcast is a fun and faithful show that helps bring the light of Christ right to the comfort of your home. 

In addition to the weekly podcast, you can view our interactive podcast courses on many different aspects of Catholicism. 

The Founders

Tommy Shultz is a cradle Catholic who grew up in a homeschool family. He has worked in various youth ministry, adult ministry, and diocesan roles. He likes performing magic shows for area schools, talking theology, and being married to his best friend, Nathalie. With a degree in Theology from Franciscan University, Tommy hopes to use his knowledge to help all people understand the beauty of The Faith. 

Nathalie Shultz is a joyful convert to the Catholic Faith and a special education teacher. She loves to share her passion for Catholicism with others, including her conversion story and how God continues to work miracles in her life through her OCD. Her favorite saints include St. Peter the Apostle, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and St. John Paul II. She is also a huge fan of C.S. Lewis.