Family Faith Bites

None of us pray or read scripture as much as we probably should, and as St. Jerome once said, "Ignorance of scriptures is ignorance of Christ." We have developed a daily program called Family Faith Bites. These include a daily plan for greater conversion as well as a recipe to make a home-cooked meal and break open the Bible once a week as a family. Share food and faith together around the table. 

Local Courses

We believe that God has created us body and soul and that the most successful approach to growing in relationship with Christ is a holistic approach. We offer local classes on anything from financial planning to fitness to monthly praise and worship. Due to Covid-19, all classes are cancelled until further notice. We are praying for you during this time. Our Summer and Fall schedules will be posted soon. 

Parish Resources

Rodzinka Ministry is an outreach of the North Allegan Catholic Collaborative, which includes St. Mary's Visitation, St. Stanislaus, and Sacred Heart Catholic Churches under Fr. Stephen Rodrigo, and Fr. Christopher Derda. If you are a parishioner, this is the place for you. Find out how to stay connected to the pairsh during Covid-19 as well as grow closer to Christ in your home with our resources. 


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