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Rodzinka means "little family" in Polish, and it is the name that Saint John Paul II used for groups of students who got together to discuss and live out the faith. Today, Rodzinka Ministry strives to foster faithful families by encouraging consistent and honest faith practices within Rodzinka Groups. We want to welcome you into our little family and pray that you find in our ministry a place you can call home.

Rodzinka Groups

Rodzinka Groups are the core of our ministry. We help you create groups in your home or with friends that encourage consistent and honest faith practices through five core pillars. These pillars are prayer, scripture, saints, sacrifice, and knowledge. Learn more about how to start a group within your family or amongst your friends. Sign up for our daily resources and weekly leader materials. 


Our ministry is funded entirely by sponsors and advertising. We are always looking for individuals and businesses who want to support what we do. Without these generous donors, we would have to ask you, our listeners, for donations to keep the ministry going. Please visit our sponsor's page to see our supporters who make this ministry possible. If you would like to help us accomplish this work, please click on our giving link. 

Sign Up

Sign up for our daily email which includes resources to accomplish every pillar of your Rodzinka group as well as the Rodzinka plan so you can track your progress and share it with your group. 

Form a Group

Invite your family or a group of friends to join you. The group can then decide how you accomplish the five pillars and what you will do together as a group as well as scheduling times to meet and discuss.


Meet once a week over a meal to discuss your progress and hold each other accountable. We offer a weekly email to help you discuss the week and make tangible goals. 


Phone: ‪(269) 350-4493

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